Specialization In Diamond Grading & Assorting

This course aims at teaching the practical and theoretical knowledge of diamond’s along with 4c’s. Along with that they are also made aware of the ongoing or updated market scenarios to help them better understand the prospects of the market. The students are provided with real diamonds to understand them better and learn to perfection.

Programme Offered at INSD:

Degree: Specialization In Diamond Grading & Assorting

Course Length: 4 months

Eligibility: 10

Evolution of diamonds from origin to market.
Mining process and morphology of rough diamonds.
Manufacturing stages from rough to polished.
4c’s | clarity, color, cut and carat weight estimation and evolution.
Grading of fancy shaped diamonds.
Identification of treatments, imitations and synthetics diamonds.

Intensive laboratory sessions.
Training and practical work using diamonds ranging from 0.10 carat to above a carat.
Limited number of participants to guarantee maximum attention to individual candidates.
A kit is also provided to student so that he is well equipped to face the market.
Study material is provided to each student.
Industry visit to maximize the knowledge.
Guest lecturer’s from the industry especially from the diamond city of india “surat”.