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Insd kolkata has highly trained admission team who provides best career advice throughout the admission process and also after enrolling in the course. The counselors do guide on strength, passion, interest & specializations to each particular –student and even post completion of the course from insd kolkata.

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Send your latest updated resume along with your portfolio and the hr team will reach out to you. Please be patient as the team members are not hired in between an ongoing session. However, you may get a call in case of an immediate requirement or just prior to completion of semesters due.
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Our history
INSD was established in 2011. Our mission from Day 1 was  to become a specialist school for arts, design and media in India by following the highest international standards and regularly working with the best minds of the industry globally. The ideology behind our education system is to contribute significantly to the development of the Indian Design Industry. INSD has set high academic standards and excellent thought leadership. Always in spotlight INSD has collaborated with many prominent platforms in the past including

Several colleges from around Europe and the United States at International Platform and students get the opportunity to present regularly at prestigious shows across like New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week etc.


India Runway Week, Asian Designer Week, Couture Runway Week etc on Domestic Level as their educational partners.

Collaborate With Us

Let's Grow Together
Today we can all benefit by collaborating and building a community of design enthusiasts. Only when we all come together, share our thoughts and ideas and partner can we bring abou meaningful change. INSD is always on a lookout to collaborate with ambitious Brands, people and products which can help our students in their journey to becoming designer.

For Brands
Insd kolkata created few highly reputed fashion designers in the last few years. These insdians are working either in some reputed fashion industry or they have started their own clothing brand by designing some noteworthy creations. They are also getting associated with international and national events to showcase their brand clothing and to expand their business. The students are guided at insd kolkata in such a manner that they create a very bright future for themselves. Insd kolkata provides proper exposure, connections and recognitions through different events, live workshops and industry visits in such a manner that the student receives a huge boost to their career. All insd industry partners are part of the mission to prepare & inspire students to bring about positive change in the world.

For Designer
Join hands with INSD for specific neiches. Is your design firm facing a dearth in talent, the students coming out of design schools lacking skills essential to survive in your sector? Connect with us and our management and academic director will help you with the right talent and will also be open to discussing adding a specific course for you.

For Industry Tie Ups
Take your recruitment a notch higher with INSD’s specialized courses. A course where you can mould our undergraduate and graduate students for your specific needs. The course content for these courses are made in collaboration with you and trains students for specific skills. Throughout the 3-6 month program you can access student work and progress to decide which students are a good fit for you.