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Students are celebrating Farewell party at INSD Kolkata campus

A Fond Farewell and A Bright Future: INSD Kolkata

At INSD Kolkata, we believe in nurturing creative minds and empowering them to become the future leaders of the design industry. As another academic year draws to a close, we recently held a warm farewell party for our graduating students. It was an evening filled with joy, camaraderie, and a touch of nostalgia, as we celebrated their achievements and wished them the very best for their future endeavors.

INSD Kolkata: Where Design Dreams Take Flight

For those unfamiliar with our institute, INSD Kolkata is a premier design institute located in Saltlake Sector 5, near College More. We offer a variety of design courses, including Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Graphics Design. Our curriculum is designed by industry experts, ensuring that our students receive the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.


What Sets Us Apart?

  • Industry-leading Faculty: We are proud to have a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are at the forefront of their respective design fields. Their expertise and passion for design create an inspiring learning environment for our students.
  • Top-Class Infrastructure: We provide our students with access to state-of-the-art design studios, labs, and workshops. This ensures that they have the tools and resources they need to hone their creative skills and bring their design ideas to life.
  • 100% Placement Assistance: We understand the importance of launching a successful design career. That’s why we offer dedicated placement assistance to our students. We work closely with leading design companies and studios to place our graduates in exciting and rewarding positions.
  • National and International Exposure: At INSD Kolkata, we believe in providing our students with opportunities to showcase their talent on a global platform. We organize workshops, guest lectures, and industry visits to give them exposure to national and international design trends.


A Fond Farewell and a Bright Beginning

The farewell party was a chance for our graduating students to celebrate their accomplishments and reflect on their journey at INSD Kolkata. It was also an opportunity for them to connect with their peers and faculty members, creating lasting memories.

As they embark on their design careers, we are confident that our graduates will make a significant impact in the industry. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and wish them all the very best for their future endeavors.

INSD Kolkata, Isn’t just about textbooks and classrooms. A few months ago, our talented fashion design students took their learnings to the glittering capital with a trip to a Delhi fashion show. This immersive experience wasn’t just about witnessing the latest trends; it was about seeing the practical application of their design skills on the runway. Students returned buzzing with inspiration, newfound confidence, and a deeper understanding of how the fashion industry translates classroom concepts into captivating collections. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities like this that bridge the gap between theory and practice, making INSD Kolkata the perfect launchpad for your design dreams!

INSD Kolkata Farewell party celebration
Farewell Party at INSD Kolkata campus.

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Look no further than INSD Kolkata. With our industry-focused curriculum, experienced faculty, and excellent infrastructure, we provide you with the perfect platform to launch your successful design career. 

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