Your creativity and professional craft, creative expression and problem-solving skills will grow at INSD Kolkata as you explore interior design as a way of addressing human needs and social challenges.


Our Bachelors degree will encourage you to consider how people react to spaces as you gain experience of designing for a range of interiors: from homes, hospitals, and housing projects to hotels and commercial spaces.

You’ll Master Industry-standard design techniques and digital tools and gain the insight of visiting professionals through lectures and seminars and live projects at all levels from INSD, which is one of the Best Interior Designing Colleges In Kolkata.

Above all, you’ll have the opportunity to follow your interests as you develop your unique style and approach to interior design challenges and develop a professional portfolio.


Professional and design skills

Working in our Interior Design studio and workshops, you will explore how scale, light, colour, materials, texture and their acoustics affect human reactions as you consider the social implications of design. And with the support of our expert academics and technicians, you’ll Master a variety of techniques and visualisation methods, including:

  •  Sketching by hand
  •  Industry-standard 3D digital platforms
  •  Collage
  •  Photography
  •  Model-making

Career Paths

  • Designer/assistant designer
  • Pattern designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Fashion entrepreneur
  • Costume designer
  • Fashion consultant
  • Personal stylist
  • Technical designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Production pattern maker
  • Fashion coordinator
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